O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in EC1 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O 19:20 19-20 Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0NB
O 7 Tales 64 Turnmill Street, EC1M 5RR
C A1 Tower Tavern 1 Central Markets, EC1A
C Actor's Retreat 326 St John Street, EC1V 4NT
D Adam and Eve 66 St John Street Road, EC1V
D Admiral Benbow 97 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Admiral Carter 3 Bartholomew Close, EC1A
D Albemarle's Head 12 St Johns Square, EC1V
D Albion 16-18 Dingley Road, EC1V
D Albion 19 Albemarle Street, EC1V
D Albion Tavern 172-173 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
C All Bar One 91-93a Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HL
D Alton Ale House 1 Old Street Road, EC1V
D Anexo Las Bravas 61 Turnmill Street, EC1M 5PT
O Angel Angel Hotel; Angel 73 City Road, EC1Y 1BD
D Angel Inn Angel Street, EC1A
D Angel and Porter Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Angle Four Seasons 47 Bath Street, EC1V
C Annabella Wine Bar 45-47 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5RS
O Argyle King of Diamonds; Old Leather Bottle [same site]; Leather Bottle 1 Greville Street, EC1N 8PQ
O Artillery Arms Blue Anchor 102 Bunhill Row, EC1Y 8ND
O Artisan of Clerkenwell Priory 53-54 St Johns Square, EC1V 4JL
C Ashby Castle 18 Northampton Square, EC1V 0AJ
O Ask for Janice Kench and Bibsey; Stream; Can 51-52 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ
C Babushka Mynt Rooms; Farringdon Bars 25-27 Farringdon Road, EC1M 3HA
D Bacchus and Tun 2 St John Street Road, EC1V
C Baptist's Head Old Baptist's Head; Baptist's Head 30 St Johns Lane, EC1M 4NB
O Bar Smith Longroom; Gate; Long Room 18-20 St John Street, EC1M 4AY
O Bar-Cafe Travelodge London City Road, 7-15 City Road, EC1Y 1AG
C Barex Roseberry 59-61 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QL
C Barley Mow 50 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ
D Barley Mow 6 Errol Street, EC1Y
D Barnard's Inn Tavern Barnard's Inn Coffee House 20 Holborn, EC1N
D Bath Arms 112 Lever Street, EC1V
C Bavarian Beerhouse Colonel Jasper's 190-196 City Road, EC1V 2QH
O Be at One Fluid Lindsey House, 40-42 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6JN
O Be at One Legion 348 Old Street, EC1V 9NQ
D Beckford Head Beckford's Head 122 Old Street, EC1V
D Bedford Arms 308 Goswell Road, EC1V
O Beduin Dome 57-59 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HA
O Beer Hawk Charterhouse 38 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6JH
D Bell 183 Lever Street, EC1V
D Bell Red Lion Market, EC1Y
D Bell Inn West Smithfield, EC1A
D Ben Jonson Ben Jonson's Head 2 Westmoreland Buildings, EC1A
D Berkeley Castle 17 Rahere Street, EC1V
C Betjeman's 44 Cloth Fair, EC1A 7JQ
O Betsey Trotwood Betsey; Butchers' Arms 56 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BL
D Bird in Hand 2 Northampton Street, EC1V
O Bird of Smithfield 26 Smithfield; Frog and Fiddle; New Market; Newmarket Hotel; New Market and Victoria Hotel; New Market Hotel 26 Smithfield Street, EC1A 9LB
O Bishop's Finger Rutland 9-10 West Smithfield, EC1A 9JR
D Black Boy Black Boy and Still 162 Upper Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Black Bull Bull Inn 122 Holborn, EC1N
D Black Bull 35 St John Street, EC1M
D Black Horse 114 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
O Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker Boadicea; Queen Boadicea; Bull; New Red Lion; Red Lion 292-294 St John Street, EC1V 4PA
D Blakeney's Head 35 Bartholomew Close, EC1A
O Bleeding Heart Tavern Bleeding Heart Yard, 19 Greville Street, EC1N 8SJ
D Blue Boar 55 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Blue Coat Boy 46 New Charles Street, EC1V
D Blue Last 47 Compton Street, EC1V
D Blue Last Bender's Arms 19 Compton Street, EC1V
D Blue Lion 99 Holborn, EC1N
D Blue Posts 7 Holborn, EC1N
D Bodega Hole in the Wall 14 Baldwins Gardens, EC1N
D Bottlescrue 1 Bath House, 52-60 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2FD
O Bounce 121 Holborn, EC1N 2TD
O Bounce 241 Old Street, EC1V 9EY
O Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings A La Cruz [restaurant]; Leonard's; Squared Circle; Pacific Spice; Clerk and Well; Thomas Wethered; Red Lion 42 Northampton Road, EC1R 0HU
O Bowler Riders Bar; Little Litten; Harlem Yacht Club; Charlotte's; Surprise 32 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R 0BJ
O BrewDog Match 45-47 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5RS
O Brewhouse and Kitchen Arc; BRB at the Arc; Blue Angel [same site]; Blue Coat Boy 5 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ
D Bricklayers' Arms 95 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Bricklayers' Arms 11 Ironmonger Row, EC1V
O Britannia 94 Ironmonger Row, EC1V 3QR
D Britannia 33 Little Britain, EC1A
D Britannia 157 City Road, EC1V
D Britannia 12 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D British Oak 9 Baltic Street, EC1Y
D British Queen 4 Moreland Street, EC1V
D Brown Bear Old Brown Bear; Brown Bear; White Bear 79 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Bull and Ram 77-79 Old Street, EC1V
D Bull's Head Hoop and Grapes 29 Cross Street, EC1N
D Bull's Head 16 Aylesbury Street, EC1R
D Bull's Head 75 West Smithfield, EC1A
D Bull's Head 16 Peter Street, EC1M
O Butcher's Hook and Cleaver 60-62 West Smithfield, EC1A 9DY
O Cafe Kick 43 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QL
C Cafe Med New Clown; Clown; Queen of Hungary [same site]; French King; Turk's Head 370 St John Street, EC1V 4NN
D Camden Arms 1 Berkley Street, EC1M
D Cape of Good Hope 39 1/2 Coldbath Square, EC1R
O Caravan Al's Bar Cafe 11-13 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QD
D Carpenters' Arms 39 Bath Street, EC1V
D Carpenters' Arms 18 Berry Street, EC1V
D Cart and Horse One Tun 25 Turnmill Street, EC1M
O Castle 34-35 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DB
D Castle 37 City Road, EC1Y
D Castle 16 Greenhills Rents, EC1M
D Castle and Falcon 81 St John Street, EC1M
D Castle and Falcon Hotel Castle and Falcon Inn 5 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Cat King's Arms 57 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
O Central City Bar Bar 104; Bod; +Minus; Barong Units 1-2, 104-122 City Road, EC1V 2NR
D Central St. Bar British Lion 153-155 Central Street, EC1V 8AU
D Chamberlain's Arms Man in the Moon 12 Bastwick Street, EC1V
D Champion 234 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Champion Arms 8 Garnault Place, EC1R
D Champion Hotel 15 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Charterhouse Hotel 54 Goswell Road, EC1M
D Chequers 3 Saffron Street, EC1M
D Cherry Tree 94 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Cherry Tree 1 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R
O Chiswell Street Dining Rooms St Paul's Tavern; Hog's Head; St Paul's 56 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SA
D Chiswell Street Vaults 58 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
C Cicada Guy Earl of Warwick [same site] 132-136 St John Street, EC1V 4JT
O Cirque Modern Love; Common; Cocomo 323 Old Street, EC1V 9LE
D City Arms 5 Little Saffron Hill, EC1R
D City Arms Victoria Street, EC1M
D City Arms 150 City Road, EC1V
D City Arms 22 Liquorpond Street, EC1R
D City Bar 124 City Road, EC1V
D City Boundary Tavern Golden Horse 109 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
O City Pride White Swan 28 Farringdon Lane, EC1R 3AU
D City of Chester 62 Bunhill Row, EC1Y
C City of London Tavern 338 City Road, EC1V 2PY
D Clarence Clarence Hotel; Three Cups Hotel; Three Cups Inn 88 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
O Clerk and Well Duke of York 156 Clerkenwell Road, EC1R 5DU
C Clerkenwell Dining Room Bierodrome 69-73 St John Street, EC1M 4AN
C Clerkenwell House 23-27 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8JJ
O Clerkenwell and Social Bear; Square; Blakes; Coach and Horses 2 St Johns Square, EC1M 4DE
C Cloak and Habit Oceans; Morgan's Diner 55-63 Goswell Road, EC1V 7EN
O Clove Club Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, EC1V 9LT
O Coach Coach and Horses; Cock Inn [same site] 26-28 Ray Street, EC1R 3DJ
D Coach and Horses 303 St John Street, EC1V
D Coach and Horses 153 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Coach and Horses 21 Fann Street, EC1Y
D Coach and Horses 20 Eyre Street Hill, EC1R
D Coach and Horses 120 Holborn, EC1N
D Coach and Horses 71 Bartholomew Close, EC1A
D Coach and Horses 1 Blue Anchor Alley, EC1Y
D Coach and Horses 65-66 Chiswell Street, EC1Y
D Coach and Horses 3 Mitchell Street, EC1V
D Coach and Horses 35 Turnmill Street, EC1M
D Coach and Horses 26 Cross Street, EC1N
D Cobham's Head 1 Cobham Row, EC1R
D Cock 76 Snow Hill, EC1A
D Cock and Crown 41 Little Britain, EC1A
O Coin Laundry Cotton's; Don Pedro; Coco; London Spa 70 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP
C Compton's Bar Harrow 64 Compton Street, EC1V 0BN
D Coopers' Arms 98 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Coopers' Arms 9 Cowcross Street, EC1M
D Coopers' Arms 16 West Street, EC1M
D Coopers' Arms 121 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
D Coopers' Arms 49 Rosoman Street, EC1R
D Cope's Wine Lodge Old White Bear; White Bear 145 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
O Corner Bar Bull's Head; Monaghan's; Bull's Head 125 Central Street, EC1V 8AP
D Corner Pin 291 St John Street, EC1V
C Corner Stone 162 Central Markets, EC1A
O Craft Beer Co. Clock House; Coach and Horses 82 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TR
O Craft Beer Co. Canvas Bar; Nelson's Retreat; Gluepot; Murphy's Tavern; George the Fourth [or George IV] 235 Old Street, EC1V 9HB
C Criterion 116-118 St John Street, EC1V 4JS
C Cross Keys Cross Keys Hotel; Cross Keys 16 St John Street, EC1M 4NT
C Crown Hoop and Adze 146 St John Street, EC1V 4UA
D Crown 101 Rosoman Street, EC1R
D Crown 19 Back Hill, EC1R
D Crown 80 Chiswell Street, EC1Y
D Crown 67 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Crown 193 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Crown Hole in the Wall 2 Kirby Street, EC1N
D Crown 55 West Street, EC1M
D Crown 22 West Smithfield, EC1A
C Crown 79 St John Street, EC1M 4NR
C Crown 31 Central Street, EC1V 8AB
C Crown 14 Sekforde Street, EC1R 0HD
D Crown Tavern 22 King Edward Street, EC1A
O Crown Tavern Crown 43 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0EG
D Crown and Can 187 St John Street, EC1V
D Crown and Coopers' Arms Coopers' Arms; Coopers' Arms and Crown 15 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Crown and Horseshoe 50 Holborn, EC1N
D Crown and Sceptre Great Arthur Street, EC1Y
C Crown and Woolpack 394 St John Street, EC1V 4NJ
C Darbucka Mint; Bar Rock 182-186 St John Street, EC1V 4JZ
O De Santis Leaping Bar [same site] 11-13 Old Street, EC1V 9HL
D Devonshire Arms Pitman's Arms 39 Ironmonger Row, EC1V
D Distillers' Arms 11 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
D Dolphin 135 Old Street, EC1V
D Dover Castle 39 1/2 Baldwin Street, EC1V
O Dovetail 9 Jerusalem Passage, EC1V 4JP
O Draft House Grand Union; Ortega; Abbaye 55 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HA
O Draft House The Bower, 211 Old Street, EC1V 9NR
C Drum Drum and Monkey; British Queen 167 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8JT
D Duchess of Oldenburgh 233 Goswell Road, EC1V
C Duke of Argyll [or Duke of Argyle] 10 Laystall Street, EC1R 4PA
D Duke of Bedford Lion and Lamb 49 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Duke of Gloucester Gloucester Court, Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Duke of Wellington 21-25 Lever Street, EC1V 3QU
D Duke of York 29 Gloucester Way, EC1R
D Duke's Head 9 Hatton Wall, EC1N
C Dust 27 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5RN
O Eagle Golden Anchor 159 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3AL
D Eagle 1 Lizard Street, EC1V
D Eight Bells 28 Ironmonger Row, EC1V
C Electric Flamingo Parker McMillan; Boudoir; Sex in the City; Vaults 47 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SB
C Ember 99-100 Turnmill Street, EC1M 5QP
C Epicurean Lounge 10 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DP
O Exmouth Arms 23 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QL
O Fable 52 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2FD
D Feathers 53 Featherstone Street, EC1Y
O Fence One of 2 67-69 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6BP
D Flying Horse Charterhouse Lane, EC1M
D Foresters' Arms 62 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Fortune of War 4 Giltspur Street, EC1A
D Fountain and Still 2 Golden Lane, EC1Y
O Fox and Anchor 115 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6AA
D Fox and Knot Fox and Knot Court, King Street, EC1A
D General Graham 11 Silver Street, EC1M
D George 13 Brooke Street, EC1N
C George George and Dragon; Old George and Dragon; Old George; George 29 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TE
D George 4 Fosters Buildings, EC1Y
D George IV [or George the Fourth] 39 Goswell Road, EC1V
D George IV 12 New Street, EC1A
D George Inn 16 West Smithfield, EC1A
D George Tavern Old George 1 George Court, 81 Snow Hill, EC1A
O George and Monkey Amwell Arms; Simmons; Fountain; Meat Lover; Filthy MacNasty's; Filthy MacNasty's Whisky Cafe; Fountain 68 Amwell Street, EC1R 1UU
O Gibson Il Cicchetto; Chequers 44 Old Street, EC1V 9AQ
O Giovanni's Wine Bar 12 City Road, EC1Y 2AA
D Globe 91 Hatton Garden, EC1N
D Globe 14 Cyrus Street, EC1V
D Globe 21 Macclesfield Street, EC1V
D Globe 1 Hosier Lane, EC1A
D Globe 88 Holborn, EC1A
D Globe and Dolphin Globe 25 Liquorpond Street, EC1R
D Goat 103 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D Golden Anchor 221 St John Street, EC1V 4LY
D Golden Anchor 82 Fann Street, EC1Y
D Golden Anchor 59 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
D Golden Ball 41 King Street, EC1A
O Golden Bee Singer Street, EC1V 9DD
D Golden Cross Gun 110 St John Street, EC1M
D Golden Fleece 14 St John Street Road, EC1V
D Golden Lion 112 St John Street, EC1M
D Golden Lion 92 West Smithfield, EC1A
D Goldsmiths' Arms 17 Little Sutton Street, EC1V
D Goldsmiths' Arms 13 Bartholomew Close, EC1A
D Goldsmiths' Arms 246 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Grapes Bunch of Grapes 4 Albemarle Street, EC1V
D Grapes Grapes and Can; Bunch of Grapes; Bunch of Grapes and Two Cans [or Two Cans and Bunch of Grapes] 71 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Grapes 18 Portpool Lane, EC1N
D Grapes Bunch of Grapes 60 Bunhill Row, EC1Y
D Grapes 63 West Smithfield, EC1A
D Grapes 96 Holborn, EC1N
D Grapes 45 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Grapes 3 Old Street Road, EC1V
D Grapes 25 Newgate Street, EC1A
C Great Northern 65-66 Turnmill Street, EC1M 5RA
O Green Fox and French Horn; French Horn [same site] 29 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU
C Green Gate Cumberland Head and Green Gate Tavern; Green Gate 198 City Road, EC1V 2PH
D Green Man 37 Featherstone Street, EC1Y
C Green Man and Still 161 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8JL
C Green Man and Still 18 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DU
D Green Man and Still 5 Coppice Row, EC1R
D Greyhound 210 Old Street, EC1V
D Greyhound 13 West Smithfield, EC1A
O Griffin 125 Clerkenwell Road, EC1R 5DB
C Griffin Tavern 12 Central Markets, EC1A
C Grill on the Market Smithfield Bar and Grill; Living Room; Bull and Butcher [same site] 2-3 West Smithfield, EC1A 9JX
O Gunmakers Gunmakers' Arms 13 Eyre Street Hill, EC1R 5ET
C Gunshot Mozaic; Slug and Lettuce 36-42 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5PS
D Half Moon 23 Duke Street, EC1A
D Half Moon Adam and Eve 77 West Smithfield, EC1A
D Half Moon 21 Portpool Lane, EC1N
O Hand and Shears 1 Middle Street, EC1A 7JA
D Hand in Hand 23 Wynyatt Street, EC1V
D Hare and Hounds St John Street, EC1M
O Harlequin 27 Arlington Way, EC1R 1UY
C Hat and Feathers 2 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5PA
O Hat and Tun Deux Beers; Hat and Tun 3 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8HX
D Hatfield Arms Albert 20 Baltic Street, EC1Y
C Havana Bar 43-45 Farringdon Road, EC1M 3JB
O Hester's Hideout Paesan Underground; $ Grills and Martinis; Penny Black; Clerkenwell Tavern 2 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4PX
D Hind's Head 38 Chiswell Street, EC1Y
D Hop Pole Barley Mow 60 Bath Street, EC1V
O Hope Hope and Sirloin (?); Hope 94 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6BH
D Hope 23 Banner Street, EC1Y
O Horns Bar Aquarium; Lord Nelson 262-264 Old Street, EC1V 9DD
C Horns 99 St John Street, EC1M 4AS
D Horse and Groom 137 St John Street, EC1V
D Horse and Groom 3 Turnmill Street, EC1M
D Horse and Jockey 2 Middle Row, EC1Y
O Horseshoe 24 Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0AG
D Horseshoe Horse Shoe Inn 16 Goswell Road, EC1M
D Horseshoe Brewery Tap 41 Baldwins Gardens, EC1N
C Horseshoe and Magpie 5 Topham Street, EC1R 5HH
D Horseshoe and Magpie 19 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
C Indulgence Essence 2-5 Carthusian Street, EC1M 6EB
O Inn of Court Melton Mowbray 18 Holborn, EC1N 2LE
D Ironmongers' Arms 7 Lizard Street, EC1V
D Jack of Newbury 25 Chiswell Street, EC1Y
C Jacomo's Blue Posts 88-89 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6BP
O Jerusalem Tavern 55 Britton Street, EC1M 5UQ
D Jewellers' Arms 159 Goswell Road, EC1V
D John Bull 3 Brewer Street North, EC1V
D John of Jerusalem 1 Rosoman Street, EC1R
C Joint and Gem 41 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6BY
D Jolly Anglers 68 Bath Street, EC1V
D Jolly Butchers New Tariff; Three Jolly Butchers 261 Old Street, EC1V
C Jolly Coopers 33 Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0AU
O Jugged Hare King's Head; Brewery Tap 49 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SA
C King King of Prussia 50 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TP
D King's Arms Cock and Crown 27 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
C King's Arms 53 Rawstorne Street, EC1V 7NQ
D King's Arms 18 Moreland Street, EC1V
C King's Arms Bowl and Pin 39 Mitchell Street, EC1V 3QD
D King's Arms 93 St John Street, EC1M
D King's Arms 27 Exmouth Street, EC1R
D King's Arms Hotel King's Arms 87 Snow Hill, EC1A
D King's Head 41 Newgate Street, EC1A
D King's Head 12 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R
C King's Head 32 Mitchell Street, EC1V 3QB
D King's Head 12 West Smithfield, EC1A
D King's Head 26 Leather Lane, EC1N
D LMNT II Shakespeare's Cafe; Shakespeare's; Shakespeare's Head 46 Percival Street, EC1V 0HS
D Lady Owen Arms Lady Owen's Arms 285 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Lamb 145 Goswell Road, EC1V
C Lamb 59 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ
D Lamb and Flag 23 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R
O Lamb and Trotter Le Paris Grill; Spectator; Rocco; Nylon; Pavilion; Poet's Corner 6 Little Britain, EC1A 7BX
C Langton Arms 22 Norman Street, EC1V 3PT
D Lansdowne Arms Owen Glendower Tavern [or Owain Glendwyr] 163 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
C Larder 91-93 St John Street, EC1M 4NU
O Lazy Bones Puncheon Unit 5 Cowcross Place, EC1M 6DQ
D League 47 Spencer Street, EC1V
D Leopard 33 Seward Street, EC1V 3PA
D Lever Arms 38-40 Lever Street, EC1V
O Lino 90 Bartholomew Close, EC1A 7EB
C Lion 151 Central Markets, EC1A
C Liquid Lab 20 City Road, EC1Y 2AJ
D Little Bell Bell 17 St John Street, EC1M
D Little Wonder 9-10 Lambs Buildings, EC1Y
D Lock and Key 62 West Smithfield, EC1A
O London Apprentice 333 Mother; EXC; London Apprentice 333 Old Street, EC1V 9LE
C London Assurance 193-195 City Road, EC1V 1JN
O Look Mum No Hands! 49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX
D Lord John Russell 263 City Road, EC1V
D Lord John Russell 96 Lever Street, EC1V
C Lord Nelson 17 Mora Street, EC1V 8EH
O Lord Raglan Raglan; Raglan Hotel; Mourning Bush Tavern [same site]; Bush; Fountain 61 St Martins le Grand, EC1A 4ER
O Lounge 33 Brookes Brothers; Holborn Colony 33-35 Brooke Street, EC1N 7RS
D Macclesfield Arms 260 City Road, EC1V
D Magpie and Stump 118 Newgate Street, EC1A 7AE
D Magpie and Stump King's Arms and Magpie Silver Street, EC1M
D Marquis of Lorne 100-102 Goswell Road, EC1V
C Masque Extra Time; Jolly City Man 1-5 Long Lane, EC1A 9HA
O Masque Haunt White Hart [same site] 168-172 Old Street, EC1V 9BP
C Medcalf 38-40 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QE
D Merlin's Cave 131 Rosoman Street, EC1R
D Merry Carpenters 132 Old Street, EC1V
D Metropolitan Tavern 95 Farringdon Road, EC1R
D Middlesex Arms 34 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R
D Mora Arms 16 Bath Street, EC1V
D Morton Arms 51 Exmouth Street, EC1R
C Murphis Bar Zyrus; Bar 108; Honkers; Burgundy Ben's 102-108 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5SA
D Nag's Head 68 Leather Lane, EC1N
D Nag's Head 111 St John Street, EC1M
O Near and Far 428 St John Street, EC1V 4NJ
O Neo Basement, 14-17 Carthusian Street, EC1M 6AD
D Nettlefold's 2-3 Myddelton Street, EC1R
D New Fountain Fountain 152 City Road, EC1V 2NP
C New Red Lion Offside; Progress Bar; Stick and Weasel; City Arms 271-273 City Road, EC1V 1LA
O Nightjar 129 City Road, EC1V 1JB
O Ninth Ward 99-101 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BN
D No. 32 Jack Beard's; Oakley Arms; Oakeley Arms 32 Hall Street, EC1V 7NA
D Noah's Ark 33 Aylesbury Street, EC1R
O Nomad Play; Central Bar; Golden Hind; Vertical Refreshment Co.; Cock 58 Old Street, EC1V 9AJ
D Norfolk Arms 9 Skinner Street, EC1R
D Northampton Arms 205 Goswell Road, EC1V
C Northumberland Arms 37 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU
D Nottingham Castle 9 Angel Street, EC1A
C Nuala Rotary; Meter; City Arts Music Project 70-74 City Road, EC1Y 2BJ
D Number Seven 7 Newgate Street, EC1A
D Old Bell Old Bell Hotel and Tavern; Bell Inn 123 Holborn, EC1N
D Old Ben Jonson Ben Jonson 27 Great Bath Street, EC1R
O Old China Hand Olde China Hand; Old China Hand; Old Gringo; Mulligan's; O'Hanlon's; Three Crowns 8 Tysoe Street, EC1R 4RQ
D Old Fish 33 Baldwins Gardens, EC1N
O Old Fountain Old Fountain Knights 3 Baldwin Street, EC1V 9NU
D Old George York Brewery 138-140 Central Street, EC1V
D Old George Tavern 2-3 Old George Yard, 81 Snow Hill, EC1A
D Old Horse and Groom Horse and Groom 104 Leather Lane, EC1N
O Old Ivy House Pheasant; Pheasant and Firkin; Old Ivy House; Ivy House and Windmill; Ivy House 166 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DT
D Old King's Arms 104 Holborn, EC1N
D Old Parr's Head 187 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Old Queen's Head Queen's Head 23 Great Bath Street, EC1R
O Old Red Cow Long Lane; Ye Olde Red Cow; Old Red Cow; Red Cow 71-72 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ
O Old Red Lion 418 St John Street, EC1V 4NJ
C Old Rodney's Head Rodney's Head 12 Old Street, EC1V 9BE
O Old St Records Cafe El Paso 350-354 Old Street, EC1V 9NQ
D Old Vineyard 7 Vineyard Walk, EC1R
D Olde George Old George; George 91 Old Street, EC1V
O One Tun 125-126 Saffron Hill, EC1N 8QS
D One Tun 84 Holborn, EC1A
D Original Red Cow Red Cow 22 Long Lane, EC1A
O Oriole Cock Tavern East Poultry Avenue, Central Markets, EC1A 9LH
D Owen Glendower 21 Bartholomew Close, EC1A
C Patterson's Hotel 2-3 Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6EE
O Pearl and Feather Empress of Russia 360 St John Street, EC1V 4NR
O Peasant George and Dragon 240 St John Street, EC1V 4PH
D Peerless Arms 34 Baldwin Street, EC1V
D Perseverance 106 Ironmonger Row, EC1V
D Perseverance 187 City Road, EC1V
C Pewter Platter 41 Charles Street, EC1N 7YH
D Pewter Platter 117 St John Street, EC1M
O Piano Dab; Rouge; Native Tongue; Dry Bar; City Slickers 14 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN
O Piano Works Ghost; Print Works 113-117 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BX
D Pickled Egg 7-8 Crawford Passage, EC1R
D Pied Horse 3 Chiswell Street, EC1Y
D Piranha Bilbo Baggins Beer and Banjo Emporium; Bailey's Bar 122 Newgate Street, EC1A 7AA
D Pitt's Head 1 Old Street, EC1V
C Piya Piya 1 Olivers Yard, 55 City Road, EC1Y 1HQ
D Plough 19 Giltspur Street, EC1A
D Plough 29 Featherstone Street, EC1Y
D Plough 44 Lever Street, EC1V
C Portal Hat and Mitre [same site] 88 St John Street, EC1M 4EH
D Portland Arms 1 Long Lane, EC1A
C Potemkin 144 Clerkenwell Road, EC1R 5DP
D Prince Regent 1 New Court, EC1Y
D Prince of Orange Little Saffron Hill, EC1N
D Prince of Wales 313 Old Street, EC1V 9LE
D Prince of Wales 41-43 Banner Street, EC1Y
D Prince of Wales 8 Sans Walk, EC1R
D Prince of Wales St Luke's Church Tavern 7 Norman Street, EC1V
D Prince of Wales 20 Bartholomew Square, EC1V
D Prince of Wales 30 Central Street, EC1V
C Princess Alice 21 Dingley Road, EC1V 8BN
D Princess Royal 227 St John Street, EC1V
D Protector 63 Rahere Street, EC1V
O Quality Chop House 92-94 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3EA
D Queen Victoria 45 Skinner Street, EC1R
D Queen Victoria 21 Middle Street, EC1A
D Queen's Arms Tavern 70 Newgate Street, EC1A
D Queen's Head 159 City Road, EC1V
D Queen's Head 1-2 Peters Lane, EC1M
D Queen's Head 14 St Martins le Grand, EC1A
D Queen's Head and French Horn Queen's Head 48 Little Britain, EC1A
D Queen's Hotel Bull and Mouth St Martins le Grand, EC1A
C Raduno Meet; Lighthouse 85 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HJ
D Rainbow 140 Lever Street, EC1V
D Rainbow Hotel Mouflet's Hotel; Rainbow 24 Newgate Street, EC1A
D Ram Inn 78 West Smithfield, EC1A
D Red Cow 4 King Street, EC1A
D Red Lion 13 City Road, EC1Y
D Red Lion 181 Old Street, EC1V
D Red Lion 130 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Red Lion 24 Warner Street, EC1R
C Red Lion 22 Laystall Street, EC1R 4PA
D Red Lion 94 Turnmill Street, EC1M
D Red Lion 16 King Edward Street, EC1A
D Red Lion White Horse 5-6 White Horse Alley, EC1M
D Red Lion Old Red Lion; Red Lion Farringdon Road, EC1R
C Red Lion and French Horn Red Lion 48 Red Lion Street, EC1M 5UL
D Red Lion and Punch Bowl 118 St John Street, EC1V
D Reform 175 Central Street, EC1V
O Reliance 336 Old Street, EC1V 9DR
D Ridler's Hotel Bell and Crown 133 Holborn, EC1N
O Rising Sun Starre Tavern [same site] 38 Cloth Fair, EC1A 7JQ
D Rising Sun 2 Back Hill, EC1R
O Roadtrip Bar Bar Ria; Bar 170; Crosby Head; Crosby's Head [same site] 243 Old Street, EC1V 9EY
D Robin Hood 8 Leather Lane, EC1N
D Rockingham Arms 31 Hosier Lane, EC1A
D Roebuck Turnmill Street, EC1M
D Rose Inn 80 West Smithfield, EC1A
D Rose and Crown 83 Bunhill Row, EC1Y
D Rose and Crown 21 Goswell Road, EC1M
D Rose and Crown 26 Little Britain, EC1A
D Rose and Crown 32 Dallington Street, EC1V
C Rose and Crown 39a Bartholomew Close, EC1A 7JN
O Rosebery Lounge 20-22 Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4SX
C Royal Mail Wall's 31 Myddelton Street, EC1R 1UA
D Royal Midshipman 25-26 Skinner Street, EC1R
D Royal Oak 14 Spencer Street, EC1V
D Royal Oak 37 Waterloo Street, EC1V
D Royal Oak 5 Christopher Street, EC1N
O Royal Star Victory 220 City Road, EC1V 2PN
D Rum Puncheon 120 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Rum Puncheon 32 Old Street, EC1V
D Salisbury Arms 37 King Street, EC1A
D Salmon and Compasses 13 Dorrington Street, EC1N
D Salutation and Cat Duval Restaurant; Salutation Hotel and Tavern; Salutation and Cat Tavern; Salutation Tavern; Salutation Tap; Salutation Coffee House; Salutation and Cat 17 Newgate Street, EC1A
D Saracen's Head Hotel Snow Hill, EC1A
D School Dinners Mr David's; Knights; O'Neill's; Terry Neill's Sports Bar Bath House, 52-60 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2FD
D Scot's Gray 30 Featherstone Street, EC1Y
O Sekforde Sekforde Arms 34 Sekforde Street, EC1R 0HA
C Sessions House Hotel Jerusalem Tavern [same site]; Red Lion Tavern 120 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5SA
D Sessions House Hotel Queen's Head [same site] 28 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R
O Shakespeare White Hart [same site]; Corner Pin; White Hart 2 Goswell Road, EC1M 7AA
D Shakespeare Maidenhead 44 Goswell Road, EC1M
O Shakespeare's Head 1 Arlington Way, EC1R 1XA
D Ship 14 Berkley Street, EC1M
D Ship 92-93 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
D Ship 16 Glasshouse Yard, EC1A
O Shoreditch Grind 213 Old Street, EC1V 9NR
O Simmons Smithfield Tavern; Wicked Wolf; Eugene's; Smithfield Tavern; Red Cow 105 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HW
O Simmons Well; George 180 St John Street, EC1V 4JY
C Simpson's Rose 58 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8LS
O Singer Tavern No. 1 Sports Bar; No. 1 City Road 1-5 City Road, EC1Y 1AG
O Sir Christopher Hatton Goose; Sir Christopher Hatton 4 Leather Lane, EC1N 7RA
D Sir Hugh Myddelton 18 Myddelton Place, EC1R
D Sir John Falstaff 53 Old Street, EC1V
O Sir John Oldcastle 29-35 Farringdon Road, EC1M 3JF
D Sir John Oldcastle Coldbath Fields, EC1R
D Skinners' Arms 25 Goode Street, EC1R
O Slaughtered Lamb Sun [same site] 34-35 Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0DX
C Slug and Lettuce Hog's Head 171-176 Aldersgate Street, EC1A 4HR
C Smithfield's Smithfields Past and Present 334-338 Central Markets, EC1A 9NB
O Smiths of Smithfield 67-77 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HJ
O Sourced Market 7-21 Goswell Road, EC1M 7AH
D Spencers' Arms 1 Silver Street, EC1M
O Sports Bar and Grill Slug and Lettuce; Hog's Head Unit E Cowcross Place, 19-25 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DQ
D Sportsman Sportsman Tavern 315 City Road, EC1V
D Sportsman Hog in Armour 41 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
O St Bart's Brewery Distillers; Jamie's Restaurant; Heads and Tails 64-66 West Smithfield, EC1A 9DY
D St Bartholomew Bartholomew Coffee House 39 West Smithfield, EC1A
O St John Swan with Two Necks [same site] 26 St John Street, EC1M 4AY
D St John of Jerusalem Horseshoe [same site]; Unicorn 164-166 St John Street, EC1V
C St John's Gate Tavern Old St John's Gate Tavern; Old Jerusalem Tavern; St John's Gate; Old Gate; Jerusalem Tavern 27 St Johns Square, EC1M 4PN
C St Luke's Head 90 Old Street, EC1V 9AX
D Star 105 City Road, EC1Y
D Star 31 Aldersgate Street, EC1A
D Star Jerusalem Coffee House 6 Jerusalem Passage, EC1V
D Stone House Bacchus and Grapes; Grapes 129-131 Old Street, EC1V
D Sun White Horse; White Horse and Sun 48 Portpool Lane, EC1N
D Sun Dial 88 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Sun and Punch Bowl 60-61 Long Lane, EC1A
D Sun and Punch Bowl 20 Ray Street, EC1R
O Sutton Arms 16 Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0DH
O Sutton Arms 6 Carthusian Street, EC1M 6EB
D Swan and Horseshoe 32 Little Britain, EC1A
O Three Compasses 66 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6BP
D Three Golden Cans Tothill Street, EC1R
D Three Jolly Butchers 10 Brookes Market, EC1N
D Three Jolly Weavers 94 Lever Street, EC1V
O Three Kings Kings of Clerkenwell; Three Kings; Oxford Arms [same site]; Three Johns 7 Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0DY
D Three Pigeons and Star 40 Hatfield Street, EC1Y
D Three Tuns 12 St Cross Street, EC1N
D Three Tuns 39 Turnmill Street, EC1M
D Three Tuns 40 1/2 Northampton Street, EC1V
D Three Tuns 62 Charles Street, EC1Y
D Three Tuns 84 West Smithfield, EC1A
O Tonic and Remedy 151-157 City Road, EC1Y 1BE
C Trading House Kitchen and Bar Sir Ralph Abercrombie 12-13 Greville Street, EC1N 8SB
O Trafik 331 Old Street, EC1V 9LE
D Turk's Head and Metropolitan Hotel Turk's Head 75 Turnmill Street, EC1M
D Turnmills 63b Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5NP
O Two Brewers 119-121 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8JH
D Two Brewers 112 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Two Brewers 26 Aylesbury Street, EC1R
D Two Brewers 9 Vine Street, EC1N
D Two Brewers 129 Bunhill Row, EC1Y
D Two Brewers 41 Warner Street, EC1R
D Uncle Tom's Cabin 110 Upper Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Union Tavern Union Arms 12 Union Court, EC1N
O Vestry Tart 117 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6AA
O Viaduct Tavern 126 Newgate Street, EC1A 7AA
C Vic Naylor 38-42 St John Street, EC1M 4AY
D Victoria Black Bull 24 King Street, EC1A
D Victoria Victoria Hotel 25 Charterhouse Street, EC1M
O Vinoteca 7 St John Street, EC1M 4AA
D Vintners' Arms 130 City Road, EC1V
D Wakley's Sidney Arms 9-10 Wakley Street, EC1V 7LT
D Warwick Arms Bear and Ragged Staff 147 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D Waterman's Arms 60 Central Street, EC1V
D Wellington Duke of Wellington 196 Goswell Road, EC1V
D Wellington Greyhound 28-29 Brooke Street, EC1N
D Welsh Harp Welch Harp 23 Aylesbury Street, EC1R
D Wheatsheaf 25 West Smithfield, EC1A
C White Bear 57 St John Street, EC1M 4AN
D White Bear 24 Leage Street, EC1V
D White Hart 7 Giltspur Street, EC1A 9DE
D White Hart 63 Myddelton Street, EC1R
D White Hart 4 Aylesbury Street, EC1R
D White Hart 64 Leather Lane, EC1N
D White Hart 30 Liquorpond Street, EC1R
C White Hart Grapes 69 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ
D White Hart 121 St John Street, EC1M
D White Hart 1 King Edward Street, EC1A
C White Horse 8 Little Britain, EC1A 7BX
D White Horse 12 Fann Street, EC1Y
D White Horse 74 Central Street, EC1V
D White Horse 50 Baldwins Gardens, EC1N
D White Horse 113 St John Street, EC1V
D White Horse 50 Ray Street, EC1R
D White Horse 50 Great Saffron Hill, EC1N
D White Horse and Cross Keys 140 Goswell Road, EC1V
C White Lion 37 Central Street, EC1V 8AB
D White Lion 48 Leather Lane, EC1N
C White Noise Canto Court, 122 Old Street, EC1V 9BD
D White Swan 109 Bunhill Row, EC1Y
D White Swan Swan; White Swan 52 Skinner Street, EC1A
C White Swan 34 St Johns Lane, EC1M 4BJ
O Whitecross Tap Trader; Molly Bloom's; Eagle and Stump; Spread Eagle 142-146 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8QJ
O William Blake Litten Tree 174-180 Old Street, EC1V 9BP
D William IV Duke of Clarence; White Bear 1 Eyre Street Hill, EC1R
D William IV 10 Beauchamp Street, EC1N
D William IV (William the Fourth) [or King William IV]; Crispin and Crispiana 46 Golden Lane, EC1Y
O Wilmington Wilmington Arms 69 Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4RL
C Windmill 96 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TX
D Windmill 30 St John Street, EC1M
D Windsor Castle 229 City Road, EC1V
D Windsor Castle Tippling Philosopher 40 Liquorpond Street, EC1R
D Woolpack 53 Central Street, EC1V
D Ye Olde Dick Whittington Dick Whittington Inn 24 Cloth Fair, EC1A
O Ye Olde Mitre Mitre Tavern; Mitre 1 Ely Court, Ely Place, EC1N 6SJ
D York Minster 55 Bunhill Row, EC1Y
O Zetter Townhouse 49-50 St Johns Square, EC1V 4JJ
D [Beer house] 8 Corporation Buildings, Farringdon Road, EC1R
D [Beer house] 22 Lloyds Row, EC1R
D [Beer house] 39 Red Lion Street, EC1M
D [Beer house] 16 St James Walk, EC1R
D [Beer house] 14 Middle Street, EC1A
D [Beer house] 77 Central Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 40 York Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 117 Central Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 39 Brick Lane, EC1V
D [Beer house] 201 Goswell Road, EC1V
D [Beer house] 247 Goswell Road, EC1V
D [Beer house] 362 Old Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 83 Old Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 94 Upper Whitecross Street, EC1Y
D [Beer house] 8 Golden Lane, EC1Y
D [Beer house] 22 St Johns Lane, EC1M
D [Beer house] 40 Percival Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 33 Rawstorne Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 27 Rawstorne Street, EC1V
D [Beer house] 7 Yardley Street, EC1R
D [Beer house] 40 Corporation Row, EC1R
D [Public house?] 24 Goswell Road, EC1M
D [Public house] 25 Bath Street, EC1V
D [Public house] 56 Ironmonger Row, EC1V

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