O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in UB8 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C Abrook Arms 191 Harefield Road, UB8 1PW
C Auberge The Plaza, 223 High Street, UB8 1GB
D Audley Arms 85 High Street, UB8
O Bar Italia Electric Lounge; Rendezvous; Base; Nazdarovya; Continental; Falcon 120 High Street, UB8 1JT
C Baroosh 162 High Street, UB8 1JZ
O Beefeater 3 Riverside Way, UB8 2YF
D Bell 167 High Street, UB8
O Bhuna Bar Buzz Bar High Street, UB8 2DZ
D Black Horse 43 Waterloo Road, UB8
D Black Prince 23 Cowley Mill Road, UB8
D Carpenters' Arms 59 Vine Street, UB8
D Carpenters' Arms Windsor Street, UB8
D Catherine Wheel 2 Cross Street, UB8
D Chequers Hotel Chequers 40 High Street, UB8
C Chiltern View Chiltern View Tavern 190 Cowley Road, UB8 2LY
O Chiquito Intu Uxbridge, High Street, UB8 1GE
C Cowley Brick 51 Chiltern View Road, UB8 2PF
D Cricketers' Arms Colham Green, UB8
C Crown Colham Green Road, UB8 3QH
O Crown High Street, UB8 2NL
C Crown and Treaty Old Treaty House and Crown Inn [or Crown and Old Treaty House]; Crown Inn 90 Oxford Road, UB8 1LU
O Dolphin 1 Rockingham Road, UB8 2UB
D Eagle 105 High Street, UB8
D Eight Bells 246 High Street, UB8
D Elm Tree 38 Cowley Road, UB8
C Falcon Inn Falcon 119 High Street, UB8 1JT
C Feathers 76 High Street, UB8 1JR
O Fig Tree Old Bill 49 Windsor Street, UB8 1AB
O Frankie and Benny's Intu Uxbridge, High Street, UB8 1LA
O Gardeners' Arms 119 Park Road, UB8 1NW
O General Elliott 6 St Johns Road, UB8 2UR
D George 150 High Street, UB8
D Good Woman 18-19 Waterloo Road, UB8
O Good Yarn 132 High Street, UB8 1JX
D Grapes 22 High Street, UB8
D Great Western Rose and Crown; Katherine Wheel 187 High Street, UB8
D Green Dragon London Street, UB8
C Griddles Culvert; Sportsman's Inn; Sportsman's Hall 54 Cowley Mill Road, UB8 2QE
D Harrow [or Arrow] Iver Lane, UB8
O Hut 2 Old Orchard Close, UB8 3LH
D Imperial Brewery Tap 30-31 Chapel Street, UB8
D Isle of Man Arms Windsor Street, UB8
D Keep within Compass 82 St Andrews, UB8
C King's Arms King's Head; King's Arms 19 High Street, UB8 1JN
D Lion Red Lion 148 High Street, UB8
O Liquid and Envy 233 High Street, UB8 1LD
D Live and Let Live 34 Cowley Mill Road, UB8
C Load of Hay 33 Villier Street, UB8 2PU
C Lord Hill 34-35 Cowley Mill Road, UB8 2QD
O Malt Shovel Shovel Inn; Malt Shovel 69 Iver Lane, UB8 2JE
O Metropolitan Scruffy Murphy's; Metropolitan Tavern; Castle 8-9 Windsor Street, UB8 1AB
C Militia Canteen 21 Elthorne Road, UB8 2PS
D Montague Arms 80 Montague Road, UB8
D New Inn 3 Windsor Street, UB8
D North Star 63-64 Cowley Mill Road, UB8
D Old Brewery Tap 1 George Street, UB8
D Old Rockingham Arms Rockingham Arms 24-25 Rockingham Road, UB8 2TZ
C Orange Peel Hotel Orange Peel; Prince of Wales Pield Heath Road, UB8 3NJ
C Ostler White Horse 9 Belmont Road, UB8 1QS
C Paddington Packet Boat Packet Boat; Paddington Boat High Road, UB8 2HT
D Peacock Chequers Cedars Shopping Centre, Chequers Square, UB8
D Pear Tree Goulds Green, Harlington Road, UB8
O Pipemakers' Arms 57 St Johns Road, UB8 2UR
D Prince Albert Pield Heath Road, UB8 3NQ
C Prince of Wales 1 Harlington Road, UB8 3HX
C Prince of Wales 33 Rockingham Road, UB8 2TZ
O Queen's Head Jolly Ostler; Angel [same site]; Axe 54 Windsor Street, UB8 1AB
D Railway Hotel Railway Inn 43 Vine Street, UB8
D Ram 166 High Street, UB8
O Red Lion Hotel Red Lion Royal Lane, UB8 3QP
D Rising Sun 37 Vine Street, UB8
D Royal Oak Villier Street, UB8
D Royal Oak 62 St Andrews, UB8
O Runway Grand Union; St James at Cowley; Grand Union; Royal Oak High Street, UB8 2EW
O Slug and Lettuce Hog's Head 219-221 High Street, UB8 1LB
C Spotted Dog 17 Windsor Street, UB8 1AB
D Sun 170 High Street, UB8
D Swan 38 Cowley Mill Road, UB8
O Swan and Bottle 98 Oxford Road, UB8 1LZ
C Taj Mahal Lounge Brushwood Inn; Turk's Head 47 Harlington Road, UB8 3HY
C Three Legs Legs; Three Legs 4 Windsor Street, UB8 1AB
O Three Steps Young Brunel; Coachman's Inn; Fox High Street, UB8 2DX
O Three Tuns 24 High Street, UB8 1JN
D Van and Horses 75 Cowley Road, UB8 --
D Victoria 164 High Street, UB8
D Waggon and Horses Kingston Lane, UB8
D Walmsley Arms 195 Harefield Road, UB8
O Water's Edge Turning Point Packet Boat Lane, UB8 2JS
D Waterloo Arms 27 Waterloo Road, UB8
D Wellington Wellington Arms 35 Vine Street, UB8
O Whelan's Crown and Sceptre 136 High Street, UB8 1JX
D Windsor Castle Pield Heath, UB8
D Woolpack 6 High Street, UB8
O Zanzi Bar Bar Central 280 High Street, UB8 1LQ
D [Beer house] 73 The Lynch, UB8

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