Northumberland Arms

Status: Closed
Address: 37 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Islington
Former address: [now 37a Clerkenwell Green]
Historical parish: Clerkenwell
Dates open: 1782-[1856]
built 1738
Notes: Originally built as a schoolhouse (at 37-38 Clerkenwell Green), and subdivided following its closure in 1772. The "Survey of London" notes that the pub closed around 1838, though a beer retailer is listed at this address in the 1848, 1851 and 1856 directories so it continued in some form after that. The fašade underwent thorough restoration in the 1960s (meaning little survives to indicate the presence of the pub), and it is now the "Marx Memorial Library".
Photo taken in February 2016
Sources: Open date/building date: Survey of London
PO 1856
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