Salisbury Arms

Status: Closed and demolished
Address: 14-15 Weston Place, Old St Pancras Road, N1C (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
Note: The location on these maps is approximate.
London borough: Camden
Former name(s): Iron Duke
Former address: [now Pancras Road]
Historical parish: St Pancras
Dates open: [1856]-[1869]
Notes: Street no longer exists (except to the west, as it originally curved to the east but now runs straight down to Euston Rd). The location on the map is approximate, but from its placement in the 1861 census return, Weston Place was on the west side of what is now Pancras Road, running between Euston Road and Denton Street (no longer exists, but approximately opposite the German Gymnasium). Historically part of NW postcode area.
Sources: Census 1851 (not listed as a pub)/1861 [G Foster] (as "hotel")
PO 1856 (as "Iron Duke")/1869 (as "Salisbury Arms")
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