Jolly Butchers

Status: Closed and demolished
Address: 261 Old Street, EC1V (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Hackney
Former name(s): New Tariff
Three Jolly Butchers
Former address: 44 Old Street Road (1869)
[also listed as 43 Old Street Road (1839), as 7 Boot Street (1830), and as Hoxton Market or Hoxton Market Place (1804)]
Historical parish: Shoreditch
Dates open: [1788]-[1959]
Notes: Given that it is also formerly listed as Hoxton Market and Boot Street, the pub presumably once had an entrance from that direction (which is in the modern N1 postcode area).
Sources: Open date: Archives
Close date: Pubs History
PO 1839 (as "Three Jolly Butchers")/1841 (as "Three Jolly Butchers")/1856 (as "New Tariff")/1869 (as "New Tariff")/1882/1895/1915 (all as "Jolly Butchers")
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