Status: Open
Address: 56 Upper Street, N1 0NY (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Islington
Former name(s): Rattlesnake
Outback Inn
Solomon Grundy's
Harvey Floorbangers Bar
Three Wheatsheaves
Former address: 50 Hedge Row, Islington High Street [or High Street] (1856)
Historical parish: Islington
Dates open: [1790]-2010, 2012-2013, 2018-
rebuilt c1863
Owner: Redcomb Pubs
Regent Inns [Walkabout] (former)
Courage (former)
Notes: Renamed as "Rattlesnake" in 2012, then as "Cabana" (a restaurant) in 2013, and as "Alphabet" in 2018.
Photo taken in October 2018
Sources: Open date: Archives
Close date: Tris C (e-mail)
Reopen date/Owner: London Drinker WP28
Renaming: London Drinker U230/WP28
PO 1839 (as "Wheat Sheaf")/1841/1856/1869/1882/1895/1915 (all as "Three Wheatsheaves")
References: MS 11936/369/570039 (as "Three Wheat Sheaves")
MS 11936/378/585259 (as "Wheatsheaves")
MS 11936/379/588943 (as "Three Wheat Sheaves")
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