White Mustache

Status: Open
Address: 7a Stanhope Parade, Stanhope Street, NW1 3RD (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Camden
Former name(s): Sovereign
Historical parish: St Pancras
Dates open: [1959]-
Owner: Mendoza/Mr Happy Bars
Admiral Taverns (former)
Enterprise Inns (former)
Unique (former)
Watney Combe Reid (former)
Website: Website
Notes: Renamed as the "White Mustache" in 2014. Close to site of the former "Hope Tavern" (179 Stanhope Street, see separate entry), though the name is presumably taken from the nearby "Sovereign" (61 Osnaburgh St, see separate entry), demolished some years earlier.
Photo taken in October 2014
Sources: Renaming: London Drinker WP5
Owner: CAMRA North London Beer Guide/London Drinker U234/WP18
OS 1959 (as "Sovereign")/1969 (as "Sovereign")/1986 (as "Sovereign")
Tris C (e-mail)
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